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This is the new site of Hampi. Earlier the only famous bazaar was Hampi Bazaar. Unfortunately, it is now closed because of some reason. This Hampi bazaar was not only popular among locals but people from outside of India came... Read More
This Structure-Octagonal Bath is located in Hampi. Hampi is home to various historic monuments and ruined structures. This is one of the ruined structures in Hampi. You will get to know about the octagonal bath. Besides this structure-octagonal bath, there... Read More
Want a holiday? Planning a trip to Hampi? Then you must be wondering how to reach Hampi. In this article, you will learn about the Airport near Hampi, railway stations, and other transport facilities to reach Hampi. Your destination’s gateway... Read More
It was one of the unique attractions of Hampi. Hampi Flea Market used to be located in front of the famous Virupaksha Temple. This market was expanded over one kilometer. During the days of the Vijayanagara Empire, this place grew... Read More

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