Dr.Anish- Reaches out to people to fight the pandemic

Dr. Anish, an empathetic, Confident, and unbiased Junior Doctor at Vijayanagara Institute Of Medical Sciences (VIMS) has been doing tremendously appreciable work by educating people about the existing COVID pandemic worldwide, by busting various myths related to the other diseases prevailing, by making videos and sharing it with the rest of the world. The 25-year-old doctor hails from Ballari and has taken exhilarating inspiration from his father who is an Anaesthetist (a medical specialist who administers anaesthetics).

The young doctor is also an environment enthusiast ever since 6th grade in school and had already laid the stepping stone in developing one of the renowned NGOs called ‘Vruksha Mitra’. He is the founder President of ‘save the green’, which later turned out to be called ‘Vruksha Mitra’ and ‘Globe For Change’, both of them have been recognized globally for a number of appreciable milestones achieved during the course of time.

No matter how many advancements, we as a nation make in health care, it is useless unless it is accessible by the last individual in need. The thing that concerns me is accessibility, not affordability.

Dr. Anish

In a crucial time where our nation is fighting for an improvised medical infrastructure and has been constantly complaining about everything around, Dr Anish has emerged as a complete optimist and a connoisseur who tries to find solutions to the problem by reducing the complicatedness of every provided problem. In India over 734 doctors have succumbed to death due to Covid-19 so far. Dr Anish incites an indelible and note-worthy example to ‘not lose faith’ and interest.

If we all followed the Gandhian Creed of Sustainability, we would never have to worry about Global Warming. The world has a lot to learn from our nation’s principles.

Dr. Anish

Dr Anish has reached out to so many people across the globe by interacting with so many people by collaborating with organizations on various social media handles and has effectively solved the misinterpretations and busted myths. As Anish is a renowned environmentalist, he has been in contact with youth diplomats across the globe and has a wide range of volunteers across the world working for ‘Globe for Change’.

Hospet.online had an interactive session with the personality to know more

What is the current situation at VIMS?
The numbers are evidence that the cases are going down in the district as we also witness fewer people turning positive. I heartily request the public to not fall prey to the rumours surfacing which say “testing has reduced, and so did the positive cases”. I would deny the rumour completely as the testing is at an all-time high in the district and I would call these rumours ‘INFODEMIC’. The number of inflow to the hospital has reduced, therefore the burden on treating multiple patients has gone down. A number of Covid centres have been shut down temporarily due to a lesser number of patients. The number from the triage has reduced hence, the cases went low.

Investment in healthcare can never be a liability, it is always an asset.

Dr. Anish

By when do you think there shall be zero cases in Ballari and Vijayanagara districts?
This is completely unpredictable as we do not target zero, our sole intention is to reduce the numbers and burden. As the news of Covid 3rd wave is surfacing the internet is taking everyone by fear, I would call it a hypothesis. Usually, any respiratory disease comes in waves. The first wave is always highly unpredictable and it takes us by surprise and does irreparable damages. The second wave emerges only because of the negligence of the public, which we have successfully managed to bring up. 3rd wave is an expected one, which can be a hypothetical theory that might or might not happen. But that wouldn’t erase the importance of being prepared for the worse.

I urge people to be prepared of COVID 3rd wave, and not be scared

Dr. Anish

Which vaccine according to you is the most effective?
I firstly want to tell and urge one most important thing to people “to stop vaccine shopping”. All the vaccines that have been recognized by international platforms are equally effective. The efficacy of all of them is the same as they were manufactured with the sole purpose of fighting Covid-19. The efficacy percentage of vaccines is based on the group of the population that were selected to test the vaccines. If the people on whom the vaccines were tried on, were immune enough already, the efficacy rate is common to be high. Every vaccine has its own advantage, I urge people to take their shot by suppressing their fears.

How do you think people from Rural areas can be persuaded to get their vaccine?
According to Human Psychology, A person strongly rests his faith and belief in something/someone. We can target the Rural population’s immunization by knowing their beliefs and persuading the Religious heads, or Political idols, or an educated person from a family. The local administration should take steps to follow up with the same.

How do you spend most of your time? and How do you manage time for yourself and your family?
I used to spend most of my time in either the Hospital or on my study table studying. Since the number of cases has gone down, I attend many Webinars to educate more people about the medical aspect of diseases and busting myths.
I currently stay away from my family dreading Coronavirus disease in a guesthouse. I do not intend to cause any trouble to my family or neighbours.

What do you have to say about the abuse doctors have been facing?
This is one heart-wrenching issue I have always spoken about. When we lose a patient that we’ve been treating for very long, we go home back with almost the same amount of depression and misery as that of a family member. We surely do not deserve the way we get treated. We as doctors try every possible way to get a person to live and when we can’t, we still try. Doctors never lose hope, but we surely get depressed enough when we return home every day. This assault on doctors should stop as soon as possible. We as a nation have already lost over 700 doctors and we surely do not want to lose more.

Stop Glorifying and start punishing the assaulters

Dr. Anish

What do you think about Hospet online?
Hospet.online is a wonderful social media platform. You people have been doing a great job by making the geographic-specific data readily available at the fingertips of people across the two districts. Hospet.online helps people optimize their time. During a time where technology has advanced at such a great pace, reaching out to people is specifically through social media. Me, as a doctor I can attend to a maximum of 200 patients in a day physically. But my videos are gonna reach thousands of individuals out there. Making the content is the first step and making the content reach their doorstep is the second one. Hospet.online makes it reach their fingertips.

Sarvejana Sukhino Sarve Santu Niramaya

Dr. Anish

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