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This is the new site of Hampi. Earlier the only famous bazaar was Hampi Bazaar. Unfortunately, it is now closed because of some reason. This Hampi bazaar was not only popular among locals but people from outside of India came here to sell their products. This article is dedicated to Krishna Bazaar in Hampi. 

As the name suggests Krishna Bazaar is connected with the Krishna Temple of Hampi. The pushkarani of Krishna temple is still there near Krishna bazaar. It is still there, read further to learn more about this pushkarani

This street of bazaar is low laying comparatively to the elevated site of Krishna Temple. Usually, the car streets of other temples are different from this one. You will notice a series of broad stairs just in front of Krishna temple. After crossing these steps you will reach Krishna bazaar street which was just a car street.

The whole Krishna bazaar got buried in mud over time and the credit for this goes to the low-lying terrain. The area of this bazaar turned into banana plantations. Earlier, to the excavations, it was not possible to say this area was a marketplace. 

Once you enter the Krishna temple, you will notice long rows along the bazaar. At a short distance, there is a tank near this bazaar. The best part is that there is a pavilion at the center and various carved aquatic devices. These devices are used to provide water to the tank of Krishna temple.

There is a pavilion near Krishna temple and this bazaar. A large box of rectangular shapes carved with a big boulder. Devotees offer food grains on the opening days of this Krishna temple. Visit Krishna bazaar by crossing the main Hampi road. 

You can also enjoy the view of this bazaar on the way to Matanga hill. While climbing this hill a nice view of this attracts many visitors. At present, the street doesn’t take you anywhere except for some local trails. These trails go around banana fields and Matanga hill. 

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Final Note Of Krishna Bazaar

This is all about Krishna bazaar, the temple, the tank, and the amazing view from Matanga hill.  There are different places in Hampi that you must visit. To learn about other places in Hampi check out this article.

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