Hampi Bazaar – The Primeval Market Of Vijayanagara Empire

Hampi Bazaar

The Hampi Bazaar is a famous market region which is located at the forefront of Virupaksha temple and is spread in kilometers, the eastern side of the bazaar ends at the foothill of the Matanga Hill. The market is a completely unique enchantment in Hampi and one can use bicycles or opt for a walk to cover this street as it takes around 30mins hardly to complete the task.

Also, From the east end of the street, you can proceed further to the Achyuta Raya’s Temple (Tiruvengalanatha Temple). The west end of the street is mainly filled with small shops and restaurant owners. The huge Nandi, also known as Yeduru Basavanna, at the east end of the street is one of the highlights of the market

The bazaar also supported cultural events like fairs, festivals, and music. The Hampi Bazaar’s remains are being carefully excavated and maintained in this Heritage Site to showcase the visitors an inspiring and thought-provoking experience. The market has been designed in the ancient style of Dravidian architecture. The place is great for shopping and collecting interesting collectibles including the replica of the Hampi ruins. It is also the primary attraction for the tourists visiting the Veerupaksha Temple nearby.

History Of The Hampi Bazaar

The famous Hampi Bazaar is also known by the name of Virupaksha Bazaar due to its location at the forefront of Virupaksha Temple. In the old days, the location used to be the residential area of many courtiers of the king. The arcades here are open with no doors, it was a location where many merchants used to sell accessories, jewelry, precious stones, clothes, etc. Shopkeepers used to sell their goods in the ancient pavilions present at the spot and interestingly even today many shops are still running in the old pavilions located in this area.

There were three separate bazaars, one for Gold, silver, and precious jewels, second for vegetables, and the third one for Horse trading. A massive monolithic structure of Nandi Bull can be seen at the end of Hampi Bazaar which has photographs that date back to the ancient era. The market is spread across 1000 meters in distance. The place has also been recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It as also a place where cows and horses were traded during the Vijayanagara rule.

View Of The Ancient Market

Things To Know For Tourists

  • Timing – 8 am to 8 pm
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Extra cash to be carried as there are no ATMs in this area
  • Beware of shopkeepers who insist customers to buy fake sculptures at high rates
  • Alcohol and Smoking is prohibited
Aerial View Of The Hampi Bazar

More Images Of Hampi Bazaar

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