Manmatha Tank Hampi

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After taking an exit from the temple’s north tower, Kangiri Gopura’s visitors will reach a pavement on the right side where Manmatha Tank is located. On the left side, you will notice a sequence of small shrines. 

This Manmatha tank is a prime water body, it is connected to the temple. There are stone blocks of rectangular shape around the pond that form gallery-like steps. 

The steps are painted with brick red and white vertical stripes. This is common in Hindu temples. The entrance of this tank is on the western side and the tank is fenced from all sides. 

Devotees follow the custom of bathing in the temple’s pond before visiting the shrine. But because of the pond’s poor condition pilgrims bathe in the river located nearby the temple. The ductworks connect the Tungabhadra river with the tank. 

On the northern side of this tank, there is a sequence of dotted shrines that are more antiquity and a major highlight of the Manmatha tank. A few among them are ancient. Although most of these are non-functioning temples and are vacant.

One of them that is quite popular and devotees use to worship here is dedicated to Goddess Durga. You can easily find this temple by its icon. It has an icon of a warrior fighting with a lion that is installed on the porch. The pinkish sandstone was used to build the shrine houses. 

This avatar of Goddess Durga is called Mahishasura Mardini which means “the slayer of buffalo demon”. The picture inside it portrays an act of a ferocious goddess. The image shows the goddess with chakra in her right hand, a sword, an arrow, and a trident, and in her left hand, she holds a conch, shield, and a bow. The fourth hand pulls the demon’s tongue. 

She pins the demons with her left leg to the ground. Guardian deities holding clubs carved on both sides of shrines. 

Some Facts About Manmatha Tank

Manmatha Tank
Source: Unsplash


It remains open from dusk to dawn every day of the week.

Photography & Videography

It is allowed to capture photographs and record videos.

Entry Fee

You don’t need to pay any fee to visit.

Visit Duration

It takes Around 20 to 30 minutes 

Best Time To Visit 

It is better to visit Hampi from November – February

What Are Pushkaranis?

Besides the Manmatha tank, there are many others as well near different temples. These tanks are also called pushkaranis. The architecture of these tanks is extremely beautiful. It has Vijayanagara-style architecture. Many of them have decorative arcades or pillars. The purpose of these tanks is to serve a ritualistic purpose.

How To Visit Manmatha Tank

Manmatha tank is located near Virupaksha temple, which is a quite famous place. So you can visit this spot easily when you reach Hampi. Besides the Manmatha tank, there are other tanks located in Hampi at different spots. In order to reach Hampi, you can travel by different means of transport.

By Air

Catch a flight for Bellary airport. This is the nearest one to the Hampi. After reaching Bellary take any local transport to reach Hampi.

By Rail

Travel by train to Hospet the nearest station to Hampi. After that, you can use any local transport to visit Hampi.

By Road 

Hampi is connected to many cities, so you can travel to Hampi by road. Use any local transport for the same.

Final Note

So this is all about Manmatha tank. These ancient structural places are extremely attractive. Whenever you visit Hampi it is obvious that you will visit Virupaksha temple as it is one of the most popular temples in Hampi. Don’t forget to observe the beauty of this tank.

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