Astounding Octagonal Fountain/Water Pavilion, Hampi

Source: Unsplash

Another attraction is near Hampi Octagonal Fountain. If you start your ride from Kamalapuram ( a village near Hampi) then you will notice a number of monuments along the roadside. The first and foremost attraction is the Octagonal Fountain or is known as the Octagonal Water Pavilion. It is around 0 to 4 km away from another well-known place Queen’s Bath. 

Octagonal Fountain
Source: Unsplash

Octagonal Fountain Structure

This water pavilion is large and open with huge 4 centered arches leaping from the strong square-shaped pillars. Initially, the building was decorated with ornate stucco. The roof of the structure includes a little octagonal dome. A deep fountain basin is placed in the middle portion of the building. In the south of this basin, there is a big rigid trough. 

The ceiling of this water pavilion includes small domes together with vaults and lotus motifs. The central ceiling has a low irregular dome. Outside of this pavilion, you will see fragments of earthen water pipes. These pipes were used to supply water to the building. 

Final Note

This water pavilion is known as an octagonal fountain as its roof is an octagonal dome shape. These structures are the main attraction of visitors who visit Hampi. Although it is not located exactly in Hampi it is on the way. A structure like this enhances the popularity and beauty of Hampi

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