9 Reasons To Plan Mesmerizing Hampi Karnataka Visit

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Hampi belongs to India and this is what brings pride to the country. Its history is so rich and vast that the more you know it, the more you want to explore it. A lot of foreign visitors also get attracted to the place and are always left mesmerized. It is indeed among the largest cities that we have in our country.

Not many people know that Hampi Karnataka has about 2,000 monuments and all of them are exceptionally beautiful there was a time when it used to be the world center for all those rubies as well as the diamond trade. As and how the place kept seeing a lot of riots and looting, is when it slowly got destroyed. Nevertheless, its significance still stands. This is because a lot of these can be seen to date and the beauty and excellence of that time can be seen clearly.

If you still feel dicey then let us give you some reasons which will force you to go for a trip there.

Sri Virupaksha Temple

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Now, this is the biggest temple there and is a beautiful structure. It is devoted to Lord Shiva and is also the oldest one in Hampi. A lot of people come here in a huge mass and enjoy the good energy that the place offers. They consider it very auspicious and sacred and is a must-visit. Moreover, why would you want to miss out on something that has been existing for so long and has a wondrous architecture?

Do not forget the architecture

Hampi Karnataka
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It is a must for the architecture you will get to see. Just have a very learned guide with you, who has every aspect of the architect known and then visit the beautiful architecture of the ruins. It is advisable to take a guide because you will be timely informed of all the important aspects that you should know and then you can have even a great knowledge of what wonders the architecture holds.

These things might be unknown to you which can be shown to you by the guide like the Vittal temple where when you tap on the outer pillars of Vittal temple, you will see that it produces music and which is why they are also called musical pillars. Similarly, the pan supari street is famous as a lot of diamonds were sold here and on the streets. These are things that you won’t know until someone tells you.

Offer at Hanuman temple

It is considered very auspicious to offer some sort of offerings in the Hanuman temple. They say that the offerings are really valuable. The temple is also extremely beautiful and you feel nice and confident in that place. The place has very secure vibes and is good to be there.

Get to interact with the local people

It is stunning if you get to be with those local people. They have great insights into the place and you will have access to places that are unknown to the tourists. So, it is a sort of an adventure that allows you to have a great time and a knowledgeable trip.

Hampi Karnataka Is A World Heritage

Now, this should be sufficient itself. You of course would want to visit a place that has been recognized as heritage by UNESCO itself. The city dates back a lot of centuries. It is called the city of ruins for a reason. It has been the richest city in the entire country and also the largest after Beijing. The ruins cover nearly 16 square miles and have a huge amount of remains. All the sacred complexes and the beauties make it a heritage and you should not miss it.

Rich In Culture

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The local people of the city are deeply connected to it and have huge respect for its culture. They consider art as a very important aspect of the place. They tend to preserve the culture in whatever way possible and therefore the place is rich in culture. They still have a hold on the music halls as well as theatres in which there used to be concerts as well as plays that would take place. This is the beauty of the place, you get to breathe in what original India was and experience all its delights to the fullest.

It Goes Back To 1 CE

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A lot of archaeologically significant stuff can be found here including the very famous terracotta seals and also the ancient religious inscriptions that are as old as the 2nd century CE. It has a very rich culture and rock edicts of the well-known King Ashoka were also found in the area giving a lot of vital information that is taught in history today. So, if you have kids coming along then you are up for some great educational stuff in the most amazing and fun manner.

The Mesmerizing Bazaar

How can you visit the place if it has no art to offer? Well, Hampi is very kind in this sense. It has a beautiful and very famous Hampi bazaar where you are going to find some creative arts at a very affordable price. You can still encounter some traditional pavilions in the bazaar. This brings you to the memory lane of old lost history.

Hampi Utsav is when you will find the place, the most vibrant and exciting. They have everything that you wish to buy and give an essence of how markets used to be back then. However, the intensity might have decreased but hey, you at least get a glimpse or rather a certain section of what it used to be like.

The western or modern effect here is relatively less

As mentioned it is a world heritage and therefore, the idea is to preserve the city. Since it has to be preserved, there are very less construction and changes that are allowed in Hampi. The area is under constant restoration effort and the authenticity is being maintained. So, you may get to see what would be a rare sight in terms of the authenticity of history in near future.

To have a better understanding of Hampi and to read more about its wonders, you can visit Hospet. online.

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