Budget For Amazing Hampi City 3 Days Visit?

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Every time we plan a trip, we take care of a lot of things, our stay, the things to carry, the food there, and travel mean but all this depends on the budget you plan. Now, if you plan to visit Hampi city and the overall expense is your concern then this article can be of help.

Hampi City
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Hampi is a very budget-friendly place for both solo and groups. However, if you go in a group then it can cost you less but any which way, it is not that expensive. Now, most of it depends on the choice you make throughout the Trip. If you wish to have a lavish no trouble trip then you will have an expensive trip but if you choose to have a basic stay getting to know the authenticity of the place then it is safe to say that the overall expense would not be too much.

Bifurcating It For You

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After you reach Hospet, there are usually buses that take you to Hampi. The cost here would be around Rs. 20 and you will have both Ac and non Ac buses. This is for Non Ac buses but even Ac buses do not cost much. There are also rickshaws available but they can be a bit costly around a few hundred. If you feel you can’t carry the luggage or are not comfortable with the bus then you can consider this option as well because buses can be very crowdy as well.

Now, once you reach Hampi city, there are two parts to it, one where you have all the temples and ruins and the other where you have the hippie island. Let’s bifurcate the very famous hippie island first.

Bifurcating Hippie Island

First things first, how to reach there once you get to Hampi? Well, there are ferries there which you can take and they cost you around Rs.10 per person and there is an extra 10 for the luggage. This is quite an affordable range for everyone and would ensure that the budget is under control and this ensures that the overall budget remains in shape. However, you also have the option of taking a rickshaw to the place but then it would be costly especially if you take it directly from Hospet. This can cost you above thousand rupees.

Moving To The Town And Accommodation

This is different in terms from other places where you can book in advance which is a very rare case in Hampi. You will get a place near hosapete and from there Hampi is half an hour away so it’s going to be constantly up and down. A luxury hotel can only be found in Hosapete and it is not that common in Hampi. If you plan to stay in Hampi then the hotels there are quite affordable in a basic range and also have basics that you would need there.

If you are a person who lives silent and is religious and wants to be surrounded by temples then you can choose to stay in Hampi but if you want a more vibrant say then go and stay in Hippie island. A lot of people go there and so should you especially if you are alone because you will get to meet a lot of people.

The Stay

There are a lot of affordable places where you can stay during your Hampi city visit and they are actually very beautiful. You will have a charge of around Rs,500 per night for a hotel room where you will get all the basic amenities. Let’s find out the expense of some affordable places where you can stay. There are places where you get mattresses and you can sleep on the terrace under the sky. You can also stay with the local people there if you manage to get someone ready to keep you especially if you are alone. This is a great experience and you get to learn a lot about the place and its culture.

Food For You In Hampi City

The street food there is pretty inexpensive. There is nothing that will cost you more than Rs. 100. If you wish to have anything south Indian then you can probably try that. If you wish to have different cuisines then maybe try the restaurants there. They of course will be a bit more on the expensive side but not too expensive. You can have a lot of things like veg thali, non-veg, etc and they are very reasonable plus the quantity is great. It will range between 100-300.

You can eat at local restaurants where you will get rice along with curry costs around Rs.200 and you also get movies. There are also places that have food starting from around Rs.80. The other expenses that you might have like water, soft drinks, ice creams, and beer (if you wish to), and all will range from Rs. 10 to 200 at max.

A local trip to all the temples can be a bit expensive. You will have around Rs.400 or more per person if you take a taxi to visit temples for around five to six hours.

There may also be fees for some of the temples like for the Virupaksha temple which is also the biggest temple, you will have 2 rupees as your entry fees and also 2 for watching your shoes. You will also have some charges if you wish to have a camera there then you will have to pay some additional charges of Rs.50. Make sure you take care of your things because there are a lot of monkeys. You can also hire a guide to explore the unexplored. However, make sure you bargain well as they may directly take Rs.100 or more.

Don’t you worry, some temples cost absolutely nothing. Monkey temple is free. However, you have to make sure that you carry a lot of water when you climb those 600 steps.

Trip Back To Hosapete

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Again, take that local bus costing Rs.20. You can again take a rickshaw which will cost some 200 rupees along with luggage for two people and would be a 30 minutes distance that would be travelled.

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