Hippie Island – The Incredible Land Of Adventure In Hampi

Hippie Island also known as the Virupapura Gadde is an enchanting and mystical enclave in Hampi. In contrast to Hampi, Hippie Island is incredibly laidback with plenty of activities to enjoy like exploring temples or bouldering. After spending quite some time exploring Hippie Island in Hampi, one can share what’s the best thing to do, how to get around, and other travel advice for exploring this extraordinary location. Many come here to relax and soak in the tranquil vibes.

How To Reach Hippie Island

Hippie Island is located on the other side of mainland Hampi separated by the mainland Hampi with a small river in between. So to reach here a person should first cross the river in between which is a short 5-minute ride through a boat which is available near the Virupaksha Temple in mainland Hampi.

Aerial View Of Mainland Hampi And Hippie Island Seperated By A River

The first boat to leave for Hippie Island from mainland Hampi sets off at 7 am every day and they run the boat every half an hour up till 5-6 pm. It’s also important to know that the ride should not cost more than INR 50.

Boat Ride To Hippie Island

Where To Stay In Hippie Land

One needs to accommodate in Hippie Island to explore and enjoy the awe-inspiring views of the prehistoric landscapes here. So some options for a visitor could be as follows:

  • Camping: Camping is quite popular in Hippie Island and on mainland Hampi as well, there are some organizations available who offer the perfect idyllic spot to set up your tents here and enjoy tranquil vibes amidst the surrounding nature.
  • Hostel: These are located slightly away from the main strip of Hippie Island where a tourist could stay in the guesthouse and choose from a dorm or private room while enjoying the beautiful view over the neighboring rice field.
  • Mid-Range Stay: There isn’t much luxury accommodation on Hippie Island but there is a resort that provides individual bungalows to each guest, equipped with wifi, en-suite bathrooms, and a relaxing area where you can enjoy the unparalleled view.

Things To Do On The Hippie Island

1. Experience World-Class Bouldering

Bouldering in Hampi is the most popular on Hippie Island which is located on the side of the river enhanced with endless sensational views which leaves the visitors speechless.

Earlier Bouldering was reserved only for experienced climbers, but now it is accessible to all visitors seeking adventure in Hampi, with Hampi’s landscape filled with boulders, there isn’t a better place to try it.

It’s also advised to not attempt this activity without a professional as if you do so you should be very cautious while bouldering in Hampi as there are no hospitals in the area, and in severe cases it could be really difficult to heal you if injured.

2. Cliff Jumping In Sanapur Lake

There is no other way to cool down than a refreshing dip in the lake after a sweltering day of sightseeing. Despite warning signs of crocodiles, visitors often arrive at the spot for cliff-jumping, swimming, and soaking in the sun.

Also, there are some spots where strong currents and whirlpools present in the lake so it’s advised to stay highly cautious. If no one is seen in the waters, its better to ask a local before diving in the lake.

Cliff Jumping In Sanapur Lake

3. Watch the Sunset on Sunset Hill

Sunset in Hampi is one of the most beautiful views which most of the visitors enjoy over here, an enchanting experience is experienced as the sun dissappears over the mysterious bouldered landscapes.

Every evening many tourists gather on the hill top for a sunset jam session. To get an amazing view of the sunset you can walk parallel to the main strip of restaurants and guesthouse with the rice fields on your left, until you find mountain of boulders. Then you would need to climb the boulders to reach the sunset point and its relatively easy to climb and not too dangerous.

Sunset View On The Hippie Island

4. Visit the Hanuman Temple on Anjaneya Hill

The Hanuman Temple is one of the best places to visit on the Hippie Island. Located on the top of the Anjaneya Hills it provides unrivalled views of the captivating landscapes.

The locals here believe that the Anjaneya Hills is the birthplaces of the Hindu god “Hanuman”. Swarms of monkeys continously roam on the ground here. Its also important to know that you need to stay cautious as the monkeys are known to turn aggressive, But as long as you dont threten them and lock away any food that you might have, they are sure not to threaten you.

This temple here serves as a pilgrimage for the local devotees. Its not easy to reach this spot as one has to first tackle a gruelling 600 step climb. Its also recommended by most of the travellers to visit the spot during early morning or late afternoon when the temprature gets cooler.

Group Of Monkeys In The Anjaneya Temple

5. Rent a Scooter & Explore Hippie Island

As the Hippie Island is relatively small, the best way to travel the island is to trnt a scooter which are available in most guesthouses which cost around 300 INR per day. You could enjoy the view of the lish rice paddies, quaint local villages and its prehistoric landscapes. One would love every single day spent over here as the culture is as fascinating as its history.

Tourists Enjoying The View On The Island

Things To Know For Tourists

  • Beware of scams
  • Appropriate dress code is mandatory
  • There are no ATM’s on the island
  • Best time to visit Hippie Island – October to February
Tourists in the Hippie Island

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