Pan Supari Bazaar – Unique Marketplace Of Ancient Hampi

Pan Supari Bazaar
Pan Supari Bazaar, the ruined gateway and the monolithic lamp post opposite to Hazara Rama Temple complex, at Hampi, ruins of the glorious Vijayanagara, in Karnataka, India

Pan Supari Bazaar is a ruined marketplace in Hampi which is located opposite the main entrance of the famous Hazara Rama Temple, which is the only temple which is situated inside the Royal Enclosure of Hampi.

Its said that during the time of the Vijayanagara Empire there were four prominent market places among which Pan Supari Bazaar was one of them. Today the marketplace is a remnant of its glorious past.

What Does “Pan Supari” Mean

The terms ‘Pan’ and ‘Supari’ refer to betel leaf and areca nut respectively and as a combined term, ‘Pan Supari’ which generally means a combination of betel leaf and a mixture of areca nut which include selected spices, sweeteners and a paste of lime stone powder and water.

Facts About Pan Supari Bazaar

  • Locals here believe that the bazaar once had a huge impressive gateway which doesn’t exist today. Only traces of the gateway is said to be found near the marketplace today.
  • There no evidence till date that why the marketplace was named ‘Pan Supari Bazaar’
  • Some locals also say that the marketplace was named as ‘Pan Supari Bazaar’ due to the presence of large number of areca nut plantations in the area near the Royal Enclosure
Facts About Pan Supari Bazaar

History Of Pan Supari Bazaar

The street of the marketplace was considered a royal street which led to the palace during the times of the Vijayanagar Empire. Unlike Hampi Bazaar, the exact alignment does not exist today but could be found in archaeological maps.

This place is believed to be an important market place during the Vijayanagar Era, Historians till date do not know when the marketplace had exactly started to function. The marketplace is said to be a significant trading point during the peak days of Hampi.

In an inscription by Devaraya II (1424-1426 A.D.), the name of the Pan Supari Bazaar was found. There are also many other references of the marketplace among the writings of many tourists who had visited Hampi during the ancient days.

This spot was a flourishing marketplace where many traders from different countries and nearby kingdoms used to gather to sell their wares as Vijayanagar Empire was a wealthy kingdom during the time.

History Of Pan Supari Bazaar

Architecture Of Pan Supari Bazaar

The marketplace starts from the front of the Hazara Rama Temple which has a tall flag post near the area where the ancient marketplace was located. It has a gateway which is in ruined condition which leads to the Royal Enclosure.

The marketplace once had several pavilions, temples and water tanks on either side of the road passing through the market which dont exist today due to the impact of weather conditions and destruction caused by the invaders in Hampi.

The Pan Supari Bazaar is an evidence of Hampi’s presence in the trade and commerce scenario during the period of time when the Vijayanagara Empire flourished in the southern part of India.

Things To Know For Tourists

  • Timing: 6am – 6pm
  • Entry Fee: No entry fee required
  • Photography: Allowed
  • Video Camera: Allowed
  • Visit Duration: About 30 to 40 min
  • Best time to visit: From November to February
Board Displaying The Route To Pan Supari Bazaar

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