Vijayanagara District gets 425 crores under KKRDB Project

The Vijayanagar district has been allocated Rs 425.35 crore under the Kalyan Karnataka Regional Development Board (KKRDB) Project. Anand Singh, Minister in charge of Tourism, Environment, Biology and Bellary and Vijayanagar District, said that the allocation was for the project.

Minister Anand Singh Spoke on the occasion of the celebration of the Kalyana Karnataka festival, held at the Vijayanagara District Playground of Hosapete on Friday.

Under the Kalyana Karnataka grant, 1,505 developmental works have been taken up and 899 works have already been completed. 178.21 crores have already been spent and 606 developmental works are underway. He said 606 works are in progress.

In 6 districts of Kalyana Karnataka region, around 80% of the reservation for employment and education has been guaranteed. In other districts, around 8% of the reservation is given for employment and education sector. To claim the reservation under Kalyana Karnataka region, 3719J0 certificate needs to be produced. So far 1,41,877 students have received their 371(J) certificates.

A number of projects are being implemented throughout the district by various departments. Article 371 (J) of the Constitution Amendment Act has been enacted to give special status to the people of Kalyana Karnataka. Accordingly, the previous government set up the Kalyana Karnataka Regional Development Board at Kaluburugi.

Minister Anand Singh said that grants are earmarked to provide infrastructure, health, social road connectivity, clean drinking water and other infrastructure, including rural and urban areas of the 40 constituencies of the region.

The District Government has taken the necessary steps to effectively control Covid spread. The district already has a total of 13 hospitals with 09 DCHC and 4 private DCH, with a total of 492 beds, including 111 general beds, 318 actinated beds, 14 ICU beds and 44 ICU ventilator beds.

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