PUC Exams to be heald with full safety measures

The secondary PUC exam which was postponed in the wake of the COVID-19 and lockdown will be held on June 18, with additional rooms and additional staffing, the Department of Undergraduate Education and District Administration are taking necessary precautions to prevent the infection.

The Department has taken every step to ensure that extra room, social distance between students, mandatory masks and sanitizers are used to conduct the test with the utmost safety measures.

Testing at 32 centres: Bellary taluk 11, Hosapete 6, Harapanahalli 5, Siruguppa 2, Sandur 1, Koodligi-Kottur-3, Hagaribommanahalli 2 and Hadagali 2 A total of 131 additional rooms and 931 additional blocks have been prepared throughout the district, with additional room at the respective centre. A total of 25,268 students will sit the examination across the district. In addition, 550 students who have gone to their hometowns due to the lockdown will take the exam in different districts and 652 students who come to Bellary in different villages will write the exam in Bellary. E-passes have been issued to 92 students from other states.

12 students per block: If the rooms were large in the previous exam, it would be divided into 2 blocks, with 24 to 30 students per block. But because of the situation, it is mandatory to bridge the social gap and add 12 to 20 students to a block. Three feet of space is maintained between the exam writing bench and the students. The deputy directors of the Department of Public Instruction and Field Instructors have already been requested to deploy additional staff.

Mask is mandatory

Mask is compulsory for students who are taking the exam. Masks are requested to be distributed to the respective local municipal and municipal local bodies. In addition, a sanitizer is mandatory. The health of all the students who come for the examination is checked by thermal screening for the benefit of the students. If the flu, cold, cough and common ailments are present, such students will be screened in separate rooms. A staff nurse, a lab technician and an ASHA activist will be deployed at each centre for the health check-up of students and will be there until the exam is over. There will also be two Scouts and Guides personnel at each centre, who will look after students in a row. Drinking water should be brought by students.

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