Former Vice-Chancellor of Kannada University talks about the challenges that the Kannada language is facing.

Mallepuram G. Venkatesh the former Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka University, has expressed concern about the Kannada language and culture losing their distinctiveness. Prof. Venkatesh gave a speech at the 31st convocation of Kannada University in Hampi on Thursday.
In his speech, he discusses the problems that Kannada faces as a language and culture in the wake of the invasion of other languages and cultures. Furthermore, he recommended steps that could be taken to prevent such a situation from occurring in the future.
“Kannada faces the possibility of losing its uniqueness in numerous fields of knowledge as the opportunities for using the language are decreasing on various fronts. It is alarming. Prof. Venkatesh stated that Kannadigas must be vigilant and take the necessary precautions to safeguard their language.
Prof. Venkatesh spoke about the situation in the rural and stated that Kannada is not under as much threat there as it is in the cities. He counseled Kannadigas to safeguard their language and culture against the impending invasion of other languages and civilizations.
In contrast to the cities, Kannada does not face as much threat in the villages. We cannot, however, rule out the possibility that the language could one day face serious danger, especially in rural areas. To ensure that doesn’t happen, we must constantly be on guard, he said.
Prof. Venkatesh suggested a number of initiatives to ensure the dominance of Kannada in the State, including making Kannada the major language of communication in all tiers and sectors of life in the State.
“The primary medium for all social, political, economic, and cultural communications should be Kannada. States that are particularly protective of their language, literature, and cultural heritage include West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. These States ought to serve as an example for Kannadigas in terms of how to preserve and advance their language and culture, he added.
The more Kannadigas utilize their language, the more it would get acceptability and respect in the national arena and turn into a language of livelihood, he strongly suggested as a method to conserve and develop the language.
“A language is certain to perish when it ceases to be the mother tongue in its own country due to the assault of a foreign tongue. Its demise cannot be prevented if Kannada does not continue to be the principal means of communication in all spheres of human life in Karnataka, he added.
Higher Education Minister C.N. Ashwath Narayan, Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot, Registrar Subbanna Rai, and Kannada University Vice-Chancellor Sa. Chi Ramesh was among the dignitaries present there.

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