Preserving Ankasamudra’s Avian Diversity and Habitat in Hospet

Ankasamudra, located in Hospet’s backwaters of the Tungabhadra reservoir, is a critical ecological site spanning 244 acres and hosting over 140 bird species. Recognizing the pressing need to preserve this rich avian biodiversity, the Forest Department has embarked on an innovative project to create artificial islands.

To combat the drying trees and habitat loss, these islands, made from rocks and pebbles, provide birds with essential nesting and resting grounds. This 50 lakh INR initiative aims to enhance the habitat, ensuring a sustainable environment for the diverse bird population.

Location and Significance

Ankasamudra, situated in the backwaters of the Tungabhadra reservoir, spans 244 acres and is home to over 140 species of birds. This diverse avian population makes it a significant ecological site.

The Project

To counter the habitat loss caused by drying trees, the Forest Department has constructed various types of islands using rocks and pebbles. These islands provide essential nesting, resting, and feeding grounds for the birds. The project, costing around 50 lakh INR, aims to sustain and grow the bird population in the area.


The newly created islands offer a safe and suitable environment for birds, ensuring they have the necessary resources for survival and reproduction. This effort not only helps in preserving biodiversity but also enhances the ecological balance of the region.


The Ankasamudra bird sanctuary project is a commendable effort by the Forest Department to protect and nurture avian life. By creating specialized islands, the initiative provides a robust solution to habitat degradation, contributing significantly to environmental conservation.

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