Power outage at Ballari oxygen plants, cuts 20% oxygen production in Karnataka

Due to a power outage at two oxygen manufacturing plants in the Ballari district, Karnataka will see a 20% reduction in oxygen supply for the next two days, according to government officials.

An Emergency Notice has been broadcasted to all Districts & BBMP to judiciously use the oxygen that is available with them as there will a 20% shortfall in supply on the 24th & 25th of May. The nodal officer for oxygen, Munish Moudgil, on Monday morning issued an alert on Emergency Notice of Reduction of Oxygen Supplies

According to government officials, every day 850MT oxygen is supplied and consumed by hospitals across the state. Karnataka currently needs about 850 MT of oxygen to meet its demand at hospitals across the state to treat oxygen dependant patients.

Munish Moudgil, pointed that district administrations should inform the hospitals so that there is wise usage of oxygen and proper plans are made to store and ensure bigger stocks are kept to handle the situation. Moudgil assured that “the situation will get normal by Wednesday.”

“Daily supply is about 850MT. We have backup supplies to deal with production tripping in two plants. I repeat there is no need to panic”, he said to a query on the oxygen shortage.

The officials have been asked to expect & prepare for a 20% reduction in the supply of oxygen and inform all hospitals about the same and ensure optimal usage of oxygen by using buffer stocks if required.

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