More than 100 UP workers missed the train at Hospet.

The workers had to board a special train to Uttar Pradesh at Hospet railway station but went to Bellary railway station instead due to lack of information

The district administration had instructed them to register the service to take the train to Uttar Pradesh. Registrants were also given two days of medical examination. The administration then sent a message to their mobile phones. However, in all this process they do not know where to board the train.

We are aware that if we stay here, life will be very difficult. It is more difficult to make a living here without a job.

To add to the helplessness of the migrants who had come to the Bellary railway station to go to Uttar Pradesh said that we had vacated the rented house and rooms where we lived. Some of them had come to Bellary just days before the lockdown began. However, their situation after the lockdown is unspeakable. Some of them have also spent all their money on lockdown.

A total of 3323 people had registered for service to Uttar Pradesh. 2904 migrants boarded the train bound for Bellary and Hospet.

Later the district dispatched the 80 people to Hubli by 2 buses overnight and then proceeded to Uttar Pradesh. For those who had to go to Hospet railway station had come to Bellary, they will be transported by bus to Hubli at night and then to Uttar Pradesh by a train bound for Monday afternoon.

No one gave us information on where to go. – Durgesh Chauhana, Uttar Pradesh

There is no money in hand. We vacated the rented house. No one is here to look at us. -Arjuna Kumar, Devaria District, Uttar Pradesh.

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