Minister Anand Singh reveals big plans to develop the city on Independence day.

  • 50 acres of land in Kamalapur to build a film city
  • 100 crore for Indoor and outdoor stadiums
  • 100 crore for upgrading the existing 100-bed into a 250-bed hospital in Hospet
  • 30 acres of land on the outskirts of the city for medical college and hospital
  • 4 crore Digital library for students
  • 24 crore high school and junior college for girls
  • 18 crore for the road from Tungabhadra Reservoir Circle through the new DC office to Valmiki Circle
  • 24 crore for the development of Joladarashi Gudda into a tourist destination
  • 53 district-level offices for the different departments for the smooth functioning of the new district
  • Use of Hampi Kannada University’s 750 acres of land by opening a Central University.
  • Construction of a railway overbridge near Anantashayana Gudi

B.S. Anand Singh, Minister of Tourism, Ecology, and Environment and Vijayanagar district in-charge, unfurled the tricolour at the Municipal Grounds in Hosapete on Sunday. “On 50 acres of land in Kamalapur, we plan to build a film city. Indoor and outdoor stadiums worth Rs 100 crore would be constructed on 50 acres of land to promote rural sports like bullock cart racing, traditional wrestling, Kabaddi, Rangoli, and field races, as well as urban sports like Kho-Kho, cricket, jump rope, football, and basketball.”

“A total of Rs. 100 crore for the conversion of Hosapete’s present 100-bed hospital into a 250-bed facility. However, in order to meet future needs, we are planning to construct a new 250-bed hospital on 30 acres of land on the outskirts of town, which will eventually be converted into a medical college and hospital,” Mr. Singh added.

He also stated that he will make every effort to transform Hosapete, the district headquarters, to a municipal corporation in order to provide greater civic amenities to its citizens, reiterating his commitment to the area’s growth.

The construction of a digital library at a cost of Rs. 4 crore, a railway overbridge at Anantashayana Gudi, a high school and junior college for girls in Hosapete at a cost of Rs. 24 crore, and the building of a road from Tungabhadra Reservoir Circle to Valmiki Circle at a cost of Rs. 18 crore.

Mr. Singh made pledges in his address, including the development of Joladarashi Gudda into a tourism destination at a cost of 24 crore and the construction of 53 district-level offices for various departments to ensure the seamless operation of the new district.

Mr. Singh also revealed intentions to construct a Central University on the 750 acres of property owned by Hampi Kannada University.

The 750 acres of land provided to Kannada University in Hampi is underutilised because the university is solely dedicated to research. I aim to construct a Central University on campus and grow it into a unique institution. Herbs with therapeutic properties are grown in the area, and I’d want to see the district become home to the state’s first Ayurveda university. The plentiful water in Tungabhadra Reservoir will aid in the cultivation of medicinal herbs for scientific purposes,” he stated.

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