Harmful hand sanitizers for customers visiting shops?

We have said it before. Shops at Ballari and Hospet are switching to cheaper alternatives of the good old hand sanitizers.
Some shops were even seen using soap water in the name of hand sanitizer.

This is a serious threat to the public visiting shops after shops with the illusion of being protected and clean.

Shop owners have switched to cheaper alternatives of sanitizers containing high levels of toxic methanol or thinners which contain Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). These products are not only ineffective but can cause damage to your health.

These hand sanitizers contain as much as 81% toxic methanol, also known as wood alcohol. It can cause blindness and death if ingested. Methanol can dehydrate the skin, causing dry skin, and can result in dermatitis to the affected region. The main problem with methanol is that it is absorbed through the skin and can result in toxic levels of this chemical.

Methanol toxicity can result from ingesting or from absorption through the lungs (i.e., inhaling the methanol fumes) or absorption through the skin. Absorption through the skin can be a problem for anyone, but young children are at the highest risk of this.

Getting Covid-19 is not good but falling sick simply because you used the wrong hand sanitizer ain’t good either. Be careful when using hand sanitizer.

There are bogus or even dangerous products out there. Washing your hands with soap and water is typically better and more effective at cleaning your hands. But if you can’t access soap and water, make sure that you carry your own sanitizer.

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