35+ Glorious Hemakuta Hill Temples Hampi

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The famous Hemakuta hill is situated 600m far from the bus stand of Hampi. A group of temples is located on this hill. Hemakuta hill, temples Hampi is a beautiful place to visit. The word Hemakuta signifies “golden hillock”. This is one of the amazing hillocks of Hampi. It has dotted structures that cover more than 50 structures of mandapas, temples, gateways, and galleries. Visitors can enjoy the marvelous view from this hill of Virupaksha temple and Hampi Bazaar. 


There are 3 different points to enter Hemakuta hill. The first one is on the south, the second on the east side that will lead you to the Virupaksha temples nearby street, and the third point on the southeast side. Hemakuta hill has over 35 temples. These groups of temples were constructed prior to the Vijayanagara era. These are basically known as Jain temples, although most of them are dedicated to God Shiva. 

Inscriptions Of Temples

Among all of these temples, 2 temples have inscriptions that reveal their origin. Temples on the east side, the trikuta Shiva temples have an inscription that reveals that the son of Mummadi Singeya Nayaka, named Vira Kampiladeva constructed the Sivalaya and placed it in three Lingas.

Another inscription that was noticed on a rock placed nearby  Prasanna Anjaneya temple reveals that  Virupaksha Panditha constructed a temple together with his brother and also dug a tank. Similarly, another rock records an inscription that says in the year 1397 AD the setting of a pillar in the temple Jadeya Sankaradeva by Bukkave the Harihara Queen II.

Legends say that on this famous Hemakuta hill Lord shiva performed penance, prior to their marriage with goddess Parvati. Another incident that took place on this hill was that Lord Shiva punished and burnt Manmadha here. On the hemakuta hill, Sri Gayathri Peetha Maha Samsthana is located.

The architectural structure of the Hemakuta Hill temples is unique. It is different from the architecture of the Vijayanagara style. This group of temples has a triple-chambered structure, it has pyramid types of roof that was prepared with granite. 

The temple situated in the north direction of Hemakuta hill is constructed with the magnificent architecture of the Trikuta Chola style. These 3 shrines are kept in a perpendicular position that faces each other in the central hall.

The best time to visit this place is during the day. You can visit these Hemakuta hill temples from 6 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening.

Some Facts About Hemakuta Hill Temples Hampi


You can visit these temples from morning to evening every day of the week

Entry Fee

Visitors don’t need to pay any entry fee for visiting these temples.


Photography is Allowed in these groups of temples

Visit Duration

You can spend quality time on Hemakuta hill for around 3 – 4 hours

Well-known Hemakuta Hill Temples 

Temples hampi
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There are over 35 temples on this Hill. The largest temples that are well decorated are located on the north side of Hemakuta hill. These temples face the compound of the popular Virupaksha temple. On the other hand in the southern way of Hemakuta hill the ancient Virupaksha temple, which is said to be the original Virupaksha temple is located. This temple is also called Mula Virupaksha Temple.

Further in the south direction, there are other temples such as the Badavilinga temple, Lakshmi-Narasimha temple, Sasivekalu Ganesha, and Krishna Temple.

Final Note

There are many other temples that you can visit in this area to seek the blessings of the Lord and to enjoy the view and structure of these beautiful temples. The architecture of these temples is remarkable. These are some of the most ancient temples of Hampi, that offer a calming atmosphere to tourists. Plan a trip to this awesome place!

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