Young man climbs tower to commit suicide because of delay in marriage

Chiranjeevi Gosangi (23) of Mariyammanahalli, Vijayanagara attempted suicide by climbing on a mobile tower near old Veerabhadreshwara Talkies on Monday for having delayed his marriage to the girl he likes. Both the families had agreed to the marriage but it was being delayed due to the lockdown.

Police and the locals arrived at the scene and tried to convince Chiranjeevi to get down from the tower. The police also called up GESCOM officials to cut down the electric supply to the tower in order to avoid an electric shock.

The video has gone viral on social media where the police were seen requesting and convincing Chiranjeevi to get down while he was sitting sky high.

The locals and the police were finally able to convince the young man to get down the tower safely. He was then taken to hospital.

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