Oxygen supply is being continuously monitored in the district

Oxygen units in all the government hospitals, of all the taluks in the district, are being stringently and continuously monitored to ensure that there is no oxygen deficiency under any critical circumstances.

The incident took away many people’s lives in Chamarajanagara district due to lack of oxygen. This Saturday, the oxygen levels in the Hosapete city government hospital was just about to end, but because of the timely response by the subdivisional officer, Siddharameshwara, the accident that could’ve occurred, was escaped.

In the wake of this incident, the district administration has taken steps to ensure adequate oxygen supplies to all the taluk government hospitals. The administration has also deployed personnel to keep an eye on the oxygen availability 24*7 in all the taluks.

Additional cylinders along with Jumbo cylinders are being arranged in the oxygen unit at the city government hospitals, mother and child care hospitals. Continuous oxygen is supplied to the emergency service, surgical unit, COVID wards and general wards. The Subdivisional officers, Tahsildars, and taluk health officers are getting information on oxygen availability.

In all the taluks of the district, necessary oxygen is supplied. Also, the additional jumbo cylinders for emergency purposes are also kept. The special staff has been deployed by the administration to monitor the units separately.

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