Inter-state boundaries yet to restored post illegal mining

In adherence to a directive from the Supreme Court, the Survey of India concluded the demarcation of the interstate border and presented a finalized map in 2021. However, the state of Karnataka has expressed reservations regarding the process, contending that the survey was technically flawed and conducted unilaterally, neglecting the input of its officials and objecting to the employed methodology.

During the previous year’s winter session in Belagavi, the government assured the formation of a committee of experts to scrutinize the survey aimed at delineating the interstate border between Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Despite these assurances, the committee has yet to be established, potentially causing further delays in accurately demarcating the boundary between the two states.

The dispute has broader implications, affecting the joint survey of B1 category mines along the inter-state border and the subsequent mapping process. Illegal mining activities have already damaged the inter-state border, adding urgency to the resolution of this issue.

Citing the incomplete nature of the survey report, the Karnataka chief secretary refrained from endorsing it, emphasizing the state’s reservations about the entire exercise. In 2022, the deputy commissioner of Ballari district communicated these concerns to the governments of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

In the legislative sessions, Ballari city MLA Nara Bharath Reddy highlighted the matter, stressing the need to safeguard Karnataka’s land. The Revenue Minister, Krishna Byre Gowda, acknowledged the state’s reservations and committed to forming a committee of experts to scrutinize the Survey of India’s report. However, as of February 19 this year, during the budget session, it was revealed that the committee had not yet been constituted, leaving the resolution of the interstate border issue hanging in the balance.

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