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Chakratirtha is famous for its meaning, ‘the sacred water body that swirls’. It is situated near Kodanda Rama Temple. This spot is the pious spot for bathing in the Tungabhadra River. Locals of this place believe that on special occasions swirls of this river take the form of images of Lord Rama, Laxmana, and goddess Sita. Read further to learn how you can enjoy a day trip in Hampi Chakratirtha

Many pilgrims bathe in this river on special occasions before visiting temples. As this is a holy river, a huge wide pavilion is there on the bank of this river. A little in the upward direction of the hill, this place serves as a shelter for visitors. 

Karnataka is a state in southern India. This state is famous for its biotechnology and software industry. Hampi is a renowned tourist spot in Karnataka. In Hampi, there are many religious spots and chakratirtha is one of the holy places of Hampi. A large crowd visits this place on special occasions to bathe in this pious river. 

You can visit this place any time, but it is restricted to visit during autumn. It remains open all day, no fees are required to visit this spot. Also, you can click some memorable pictures as photography is allowed at this place. The best time to visit this pious spot is from November to February.

History Behind Chakratirtha

Day Trip
Source: Unsplash By: Tejj

Many legends shared their knowledge about this spot. According to one of them, at this spot, God shiva gave a powerful weapon to god Vishnu, the Chakra. This is the most powerful weapon, it is round in shape, this weapon spins like a disk and is used by lord Vishnu to kill enemies. 

Attractions Near Chakratirtha

Kodanda Rama Temple

After bathing in this river, visitors go to Kodanda Rama temple. This temple is situated near the chakratirtha river. Pilgrims can rest in the pavilions built nearby the banks of this holy river. A big rock at the bank of this river faces Kodanda Rama temple. On this rock, you will notice carvings including shivling, and also footprints in a specific pattern. This rock is considered significant for pilgrims and devotees.

Anjaneya Temple

Another temple where visitors go after bathing in this river is Yantrodhara Anjaneya temple. This is lord hanuman temple,  Check out full details about this temple temple 

Sun Temple

Stone Chariot or sun temple is an iconic place to visit. It is located near Vijaya Vittala Temple. 

Koti Lingas

You can also visit the Koti linga temple. It is another attraction near the Chakratirtha river. 

Hampi Bazaar

Near Chakratirtha, Hampi Bazaar is also a good place to visit. It is a marketplace in Hampi. 

Why Does Water Of Chakratirtha Swirl?

This river is at the valley point of Matunga hill and Rishyamukha Hill. the water at this spot changes its routes, water gets narrower and directed towards the valley. This resulted in the formation of a strong current at this spot in the Tungabhadra river. After that, you can notice the swirl of water wash weed in the river 

Caution To Take At Chakratirtha, Hampi

This spot is not safe for swimming so avoid showing your swimming skills here. As the swirl and current formed at this Chakratirtha river. also, it is better to avoid visiting this place during monsoon season. The water of the Tungabhadra river rises during the rainy season, and sometimes it is so high that it even reaches the courtyard of Kodanda Rama temple. Whereas other times you can experience a coracle ride for crossing the river.

FAQs Related To- Day Trip To Hampi Chakratirtha

How We Can Reach Chakratirtha For A Day Trip?

If you have reached Hampi, then it is very easy to reach this spot. You can reach Hampi:

  • By Air

Reach the nearest station Bellary of Hampi which has an airport. After that, catch local transport to visit Hampi. 

  • By Rail

If you want to travel by train, then catch a train to the nearest station which is Hospet. It is 12 km away from Hampi. Then you can visit Hampi by bus or any other local transport.

  • By Road

You can hire any private cars, cabs or any other vehicles to travel by road for a day trip.

Which Activities Can Be Done At Chakratirtha?

  • Visit nearby spots
    • Kodanda Rama Temple
    • Anjaneya Temple
    • Sun Temple
    • Koti Lingas
    • Hampi Bazaar
  • Enjoy coracle ride

Visitors can enjoy the coracle ride during their day trip. Boat and coracle both are available. You can enjoy a 5 to 9 minutes ride, and it is worth enough to try. But it is not available during monsoon, as the water level increases, but the rest of the time this lake is extremely divine. 

What Are The Timings Of Chakratirtha Timings?

It remains available the whole week, from 8 am to 6 pm in the evening. Avoid visiting during monsoon. 

Is There Any Entry Fee For Hampi Chakratirtha?

No, it is free to visit. Duration for staying/visiting here is 1 to 2 hours. 

Is Photography Allowed At This Spot? 

Yes, you can capture your memories. Photography is allowed at this spot.

What facilities are available at Hampi Chakratirtha?

Transportation facilities:

  • Cabs
  • Buses
  • Bicycles


  • Coracle Riding 
  • Motor Boat Ride
  • Parking facilities are also available. 

Where To Eat at Hampi Chakratirtha?

You can visit Hampi bazaar near this spot if you want to try street food. Else there are restaurants available in Hampi where you can satisfy your hunger. 

Final Note

So you might be aware of everything about the Chakratirtha spot on the Tungabhadra river. Visit this place and enjoy the pious water of this holy river. But avoiding planning your trip in monsoon, visiting this place during monsoon is restricted.

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