DC instructs officials to take precautionary measures ahead of SSLC exams

The Government has decided to conduct the SSLC examination in the third week of July. The necessary preparations and precautionary measures are being considered to conduct the examination in the district in a safe and orderly manner.

DC Pavan Kumar Malapati addressed a meeting of the district-level officials of the Department of Health and Public Education after a video conference on SSLC exam preparation with the Minister of State Primary and Secondary Education in the video conference hall of the District Collector’s office.

In Bellary / Vijayanagar districts, a total of 222 examination centres have been set up and 4,038 buildings have been reserved for each room of 12 students. There are 42,989 students who have registered and are attending SSLC exams. 222 chief superintendents and incumbent vigilante officers are being allocated for the examination duty.

All teachers, officers and staff who perform the test duty should be vaccinated. Students and staff at each test centre should be examined by thermal scanning. And the DC also instructed that the pulse oximeter shall also be used if needed.

Each test centre should be sanitized on the day before and after the test. DC Malapati suggested that sanitation should be done to all the incoming and outgoing hands in the test centre and appropriate arrangements should be made by the officials of the health department.

He held a video conversation on Monday with officials of various departments, including the district superintendents, the CEO of the Gram Panchayats, the superintendent of police of the district, officials of the education department and he gave necessary instructions.

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