Blood donation drive at Baldota Bank by JITO

JITO youth wing has requested to donate blood as there may be a shortage of blood after conducting mass vaccination of 18 or above age group. The blood banks cannot take the blood of vaccinated individuals for a minimum of 60 days or as advised by the health officials. This might lead to a shortage of blood. JITO youth wing requests youngsters who have not yet been vaccinated to come forward and donate blood at Smt Vasantidevi Baldota Blood Bank, Hospet. The last date for blood donation is today, 2nd May 2021.

For more details, please contact Mr. Inder Kumar Jain (Chairman) 9900136231 or Mr. Hitesh Bagrecha (Chief Secretary) 9844347003.

According to the guidelines issued by the National Blood Transfusion Council, a donor has to wait for 28 days after getting vaccinated to donate blood. Authorities claim this can lead to blood shortage in the coming days since most donors are aged between 20 and 40.

The minimum interval between the two doses is four weeks, which means, if you want to receive the second dose at the earliest, you can’t donate blood for 56 days, explained Project Director of Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS) Deepak Jacob.

Although this has not led to a significant amount of shortage in blood banks, anticipating a possible shortage in the coming days given the third phase of the vaccination drive, voluntary organizations have started to stock blood units.

“Blood donations have decreased since voluntary organizations couldn’t conduct camps due to the pandemic. The vaccination drive can lead to a further shortage of blood. This should be addressed at the earliest,” said an official with the KSACS.

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