Ballari Collects over 12 Lakhs in a month for violating COVID norms

As there is a consistent hype in the COVID 19 cases in the state, the government has urged the public to comply with the guidelines laid down, by following the social distancing norms and by wearing masks when in public places.

The District Police Department has collected a total fine amount of Rs.11,54,700 just within a time span of 1 month, from September 7- October 10, for not following the social distancing norms and for not wearing masks in public.

A fine of Rs.250 has been decided by the state government for the violators of social distancing and for the people who refuse to wear a mask.

A total of 7714 registrations have been made for violating the rules laid by the state government which helped collect an amount of around 12 Lakh Rupees.

The State Government also states that in case if there’s another wave of COVID, Lockdown in the state is nearly impossible and that was the reason for which these stricter charges on the defaulters was imposed.

Due to spitting on the road pavements and in public places, has been a major source for the spread of the virus across the state, says health department.

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