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We are ready to reunite Ballari & Vijayanagara districts if all MLAs agree: B Nagendra

B Nagendra

Minister B Nagendra has expressed his desire to reunite Ballari & Vijayanagara districts if all MLAs agree. “The bifurcation of the district is very painful. Hampi and Tungabhadra Reservoir are still lamenting that they are not with us. All of us in Vijayanagar and Bellary district are like brothers and sisters.” said B Nagendra

B Nagendra has expressed his desire to discuss the unification of the two districts with the locals and representatives of the Vijayanagar district. He will meet Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to discuss more about this if everyone agrees.

Speaking to reporters on Monday after the inauguration ceremony of the mayor, deputy mayor and chairman of various standing committees of the city, “Bellary, which was a large district, has been divided into two districts.”

In addition to this, he also added that any kind of rowdyism, including violence, which disturbs the public in the district should not be carried out.

Strict legal action will be taken against those who terrorize the public and commit atrocities. He warned that those who have already given up rowdyism will be sent to jail or deported if they resort to violence again.

Member of Legislative Assembly – Ballari Rural Minister of Youth Services, Sports and ST Welfare B. Nagendra said that steps will be taken to change the name of Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) in the city to Bellary Institute of Medical Sciences.

To investigate the malpractices that have occurred and are ongoing at VIMS Hospital action will be taken. Govt to perform duty honestly and properly officers and staff of the departments will be notified. If neglected, suspension or even dismissal will not be hesitated. 

Agencies that failed to complete the work and will be blacklisted. A comprehensive discussion about drinking water supply will be done and continuous water supply. He expressed confidence that the state would be made to look at Bellary in the coming days in terms of development.

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