Villagers from Harapanahalli trapped a Leopard

An incident where a leopard was captured by villages after laying a smart plan after the leopard hunted down a calf belonging to a person named Poojara Basappa from Chikkamajjigeri Village in Harapanahalli taluk of Ballari district.

The villagers had to take the brave step as the forest department has not been taking precautionary measures. They submitted the leopard to the forest department later in the morning on Monday.

The leopard had hunted the calf and had left it half-eaten. The villagers had by then figured that there is a high chance of the leopard returning to dine on the half-eaten calf.

As expected the leopard came on Monday night, and the villagers had moved the dead calf into a silk-worm collecting house and left a rope tied to the door which made a certain sound if the leopard entered. The people were resting in a vehicle parked close by. They simply shut the door when they had signs of leopard in there.

The leopard was sent away with the forest officials the next morning. The villagers had to take steps since the forest department officials failed.

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