Hampi monuments to get a permanent wooden fencing

Source: drishtiias.com

The management responsible for the Hampi World Heritage Site is contemplating the installation of durable wooden enclosures around the historic landmarks within the site.

Reflecting on events from two years ago, when numerous individuals were found sitting on the stone chariot, precautionary measures were taken by encircling it with wooden barriers. This successful approach will now be extended to shield other historical marvels as well.

Travelers from across the globe make their way to witness these treasures, and in doing so, often touch the historic monuments. In response to this concern, the Hampi World Heritage Site Management Authority has taken proactive measures.

Recognizing the potential for symbolic elements to sustain damage, temporary wooden enclosures have been strategically placed around the stone chariot within the enchanting Vijaya Vitthala temple complex.

Following last month’s ‘G-20‘ event, the daily influx of tourists has surged to 3,000 visitors.

In response, officials from the Hampi World Heritage Site Management Authority have outlined their plans. With the uptick in tourist numbers, strategies are being formulated to install permanent wooden enclosures, serving as safeguards for the site’s cherished symbols.

One notable case is the proposed enhancement of protection for Hampi’s grandest statue, the ‘Ukra Narasimha’ temple. Instead of wood, the consideration lies in replacing the existing barriers with those crafted from iron.

In this manner, they conveyed their intentions.

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