Two arrested in Hospet Bar murder case.

Gangadharan was murdered on Tuesday evening at Yash Bar on Bellary Road in Hosapete, Vijayanagar district.

Police have succeeded in arresting two suspects in connection with the murder. Gangadharan of Dharamsagar village, who was working as an agent at a casino in Goa, was stabbed to death. The two accused were arrested by the police of Hosapete town station in connection with the case. The arrested accused are Nellakudure Yiriswami and Madhusudan.

Background of the incident: Gangadhar was talking to Madhusudhan and Yariswami’s wife when she was sitting at a bar with Yiriswami on Wednesday. Madhusudan has accused Gangadhar of having an affair with his wife. Yerushalmi stabbed Gangadhar’s chest in anger and killed him.

A.S.I. Kodandapani and Constable Gazhappa Thimappa, CPI Srinivasa have been successful in arresting the accused.

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