Special bus services setup in Hospet for Hampi Utsav

In preparation for the upcoming Hampi Utsav, the Hospet division of the Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation has organized a special bus service. The Corporation has strategically arranged free bus transportation from Hospet Central Bus Station to Kaddirampur Cross, passing through Hampi and Kamalapura in a circular route to facilitate the movement of attendees. 

Notably, five of these buses are exclusively designated for women. Divisional Control Officers emphasized that on February 2, special bus arrangements will be implemented from all taluks within the district.

Invitation for Tourist Guide Training Applications

The Department of Tourism has opened applications for tourist guide training for the year 2023-24. This year, the department plans to train 50 additional tourist guides for a duration of 3 months. The comprehensive training program includes 50 nature guides undergoing a 2-month training session to specialize in natural tourist sites such as waterfalls, forest sanctuaries, and eco sanctuaries.

Individuals interested in pursuing this opportunity can obtain the application from the tourism department starting February 5 and must submit it to the department’s office by February 29. For further details, please contact the Department of Tourism at Near Lotus Mahal, Kamalapur Office, Tel No: 08394-295640, as stated in the official release.

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