Sanjeevani Hospital, Toranagallu to be kept as a quarantine centre

An order was passed to use Sanjeevani Hospital, Toranagallu as a quarantine centre. It will include separate rooms and toilets for all suspected cases and also a separate resting place for doctors.

These steps were taken under the Disaster Management Act 2005/ (j) which states that- District Authority in the event of any threatening disaster situation can procure exclusive or preferential use of amenities from any authority or person

Want to know more about The Disaster Management Act? Check out the PDF below.

Sanjeevini hospital in Toranagallu is hereby requisitioned for the purpose of running COVID 19 hospital. The in-patients can he directed to Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences, Ballari or nearest Primary Health Centres or Taluk hospitals as appropriate to avail further treatment. This order will take its effect from 13th June 2020.

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