Sakhi Trust & Rotary Club empower Hospet farmers through organic farming workshop.

An inspiring event on “Motivation for Farmers in Organic Farming” was successfully organized by the Sakhi Trust, an NGO based in Hospet, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Hospet. The event saw the participation of 150 farmers from marginalized and backward communities, including women, from the villages around Hospet Taluk.

The event was graced by several esteemed guests, including the Rotary Club president, Rtn Veena Kotambri, and Dr. M. Bhagaylakshmi, the director of Sakhi Trust. Other notable speakers included Vijaya Kumar from VRDS, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, and Gopal Chavan from Bangalkot, both experts in rainwater harvesting, as well as Dr. Asha Rani, a dedicated women organic farmer.

Dr. M. Bhagaylakshmi opened the event with a heartfelt speech, sharing her background and journey into organic farming. She elaborated on the challenges faced by marginalized small-scale farmers and emphasized the need for support and motivation in adopting organic practices.

Vijaya Kumar from Kadapa followed with an insightful talk on soil health and agriculture. He introduced the farmers to multi-crop technology and the benefits of cultivating millets such as Kodo millet and Foxtail millet. He also discussed various soil conservation technologies essential for sustainable farming.

Dr. Asha Rani, a Ph.D. holder from Hampi University, captivated the audience with her story. After completing her Ph.D., she turned to organic farming, bringing a unique perspective on women’s roles in agriculture. She shared her experiences and encouraged women to take an active part in farming, highlighting the positive impact it has had on her life.

Gopal Chavan, an expert in rainwater harvesting, concluded the session with a detailed presentation on rainwater harvesting techniques and strategies. His talk provided valuable insights into effective water management, which is crucial for the success of organic farming in the region.

The event proved to be a significant step towards empowering marginalized farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. The collaborative effort by Sakhi Trust and the Rotary Club of Hospet has set a precedent for future initiatives aimed at fostering organic farming in the community.

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