Rs 1 Crore electricity bill arrears raise concerns of power disruption at Hampi university

Hampi Kannada University, the sole institution in the state dedicated to Kannada research, is facing renewed concerns as it grapples with an outstanding electricity bill of Rs 1 crore 5 lakh 74 thousand. The Gulbarga Electricity Supply Company Limited (GESCOM) has issued a notice, threatening to cut off power supply to the university if the overdue bill is not settled. Despite a previous interruption in power supply due to unpaid bills, the university had managed to have it restored temporarily during the “Nudi Habba” event.

GESCOM has persistently issued notices to the University Management Board and the Higher Education Department, but the authorities seem unresponsive to the looming threat of another power cut. The district in-charge minister, Jamir Ahmed, had assured a resolution within a month during his visit to the university, but 15 days have passed without the outstanding bill being cleared, prompting GESCOM to issue a fresh notice.

The university chancellor, Dr. Paramashivamurthy, has sought an exemption from the electricity bill by writing a letter to the government. However, there has been no response from the government regarding this request. JESCOM officials conveyed to the chancellor that exempting the electricity bill is not feasible, and they warned of a potential disconnection if the outstanding dues are not settled soon. The chancellor has urged the government to expedite the release of grants to address the financial challenges faced by Hampi Kannada University.

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