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Private parties to adopt and restore Hampi and other monuments in Karnataka

Hampi to get a facelift under PPP mode. H.K. Patil, the Tourism Minister of Karnataka, announced that Hampi will be among the historical monuments that will be adopted and restored by private parties under the public-private partnership (PPP) mode. He said that seven certificates have been issued to various organisations for taking up the conservation and development of heritage sites in the State.

The Minister said that the PPP mode will enable the private parties to maintain the cleanliness, security and tourism potential of the historical monuments, while the government will provide the necessary support and guidance. He said that the scheme, named ‘Namma Smaraka Dattu Yojane’ (adopt a monument scheme), was launched with the objective of involving the public, NGOs and entrepreneurs in the preservation and promotion of the State’s heritage.

Hampi is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Karnataka, attracting lakhs of visitors every year. It is renowned for its magnificent temples, palaces, sculptures and other monuments that showcase the rich cultural and artistic legacy of the Vijayanagara Empire.

The Minister, along with local legislators and officials, visited several monuments across the State to create awareness about the scheme and to inspect the condition of the sites. Some of the monuments that were visited by the team include Narasimha Jharni temple in Bidar, Bidar fort, Bhoganandeeshwara temple in Nandi Hills, Gol Gumbaz in Vijayapura, Badami caves, Anubhava Mantap at Basavakalyan, Nagavi Yallamma temple at Chittapur in Kalaburagi, Mulkhed fort in Kalaburagi district, and Shiravala village in Yadgir district.

The team also learnt about the karez, an ancient water management system that originated in Iran and was used in Bidar and other parts of the State. The karez consists of underground tunnels that tap and distribute groundwater for irrigation and domestic purposes. The team appreciated the ingenuity and engineering skills of the people who built the karez system.

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