Pickpocket Caught On CCTV In Bellary

A Lady was caught in CCTV Footage of a shop in Bellary recently, The victim seen in the video was busy talking to people and seeing to this as a golden opportunity the lady silently steals the victims wallet and leaves quietly.

In Bellary district shops are crowded with customers due to the ongoing festive season, but its also the time when the thieves get the most active as seen in the video clip the shop was filled with customers and seeing it as a vulnerable situation the thief successfully does the robbery.

CCTV Footage Recorded In The Shop In Bellary

How to Stay Safe

To reduce your chances of falling victim to a pickpocket, you have to avoid being an easy target – which is what most pickpockets look for to begin with. Being aware of strangers in crowds, and most importantly, looking like a difficult target so the thief passes on you for another victim.

Tips To Avoid Pickpockets

  • Don’t Stop to Talk or Answer Questions from Strangers
  • Avoid Placing Your Wallets In Your Back Pockets When In An Crowded Area
  • While Using Public Transportation Stay Balanced and Aware
  • Avoid Carry More Money Into Your Wallets While Travelling
  • Try To Use Digital Payment Methods Like UPI, Gpay, Paytm,etc.
  • Use RFID Leather Wallets As They Are Safe Even If A Thief Uses Pocket cutter.

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