NIA arrests a youth from Ballari in fake currency case

The NIA team has apprehended four individuals from diverse states, including a young resident of Ballari, in connection with a high-profile case involving the production and dissemination of counterfeit currency that garnered widespread attention nationwide.

The individual detained in Ballari has been identified as Mahendra (19) from Gautama Nagar. During the raid at Mahendra’s residence, a substantial amount of counterfeit currency, including Rs. 500 notes, was discovered. The authorities also seized a facial mold model and a printing press. Mahendra, who migrated to Ballari two years ago and previously worked as a laborer, left many questioning the extent of his connections, given the circumstances at his home. Surprisingly, Mahendra’s family appears to be oblivious to his alleged involvement in the illicit activities.

Additionally, NIA officials have apprehended four masterminds from Uttar Pradesh—Rahul Tanaji Patil, Vivek Thakur from Maharashtra, Shivu Patil, and Shasibhushan from Bihar.

Mahendra’s father, Ramanna, passed away eight years ago, leaving his mother, Rajeshwari, to care for their three children. Mahendra, being the eldest, has never reportedly visited the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar, adding another layer of mystery to how he became associated with the primary accused.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) successfully dismantled a counterfeit currency syndicate on Saturday, seizing fake notes, currency printing materials, printers, and digital devices during coordinated raids in four states, including Ballari.

The case revolves around a broader conspiracy by suspected individuals involved in trafficking Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) across borders and facilitating its circulation throughout various Indian states.

The raids resulted in the confiscation of counterfeit currency notes amounting to Rs. 6,600 in Rs. 500 denominations, as well as Rs. 200 and Rs. 100 denominations, along with currency printing materials from Vivek Thakur Aditya Singh’s residence. Singh, along with Shiva Patil Bhimrav and others, allegedly sourced fake currency and its printing accessories from neighboring countries, distributing them across India through their associates.

NIA investigations uncovered that Rahul Tanaji Patil, also known as Javed, utilized fraudulently obtained SIM cards to receive payments while promising to supply counterfeit currency notes.

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