MLA Anand Singh Appeals Public Not To Listen Any Rumors

The Bellary district is administratively fragmented and Forest Minister Anand Singh has appealed to the public not to listen to any of the rumors.

Speaking to reporters at the cabinet meeting after receiving the principle of the formation of the Vijayanagar district, he said that the people of Bellary and Vijayanagar district are like old mothers we’ll be together.

He said no such rumors should be heeded in the event. The formation of Vijayanagar district was not just my dream it was the demand of all the western talukas of Bellary district.

The Chief Minister has responded to the outcry and divided the district into a playground and positively endorsed the new district. He said that this was a historical development.

“I congratulate the Chief Ministers and Cabinet Ministers the new district is the dream of all of us. This is not anyone’s prestige. I look forward to the development of the district. 16,000 crore under the KMRC fund Also there is no problem with the administration as there is a district mineral fund” He said

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