Miscreants intentionally cut electric wires at Kudligi causing power disruption

In a shocking incident on Wednesday morning, three electricity towers near Kudligi collapsed, leading to a significant power outage in various parts of the taluk. The incident was not a result of natural causes but rather an act of sabotage, as miscreants intentionally cut the stay wires of the towers supplying power to crucial distribution centers. This deliberate act has not only disrupted the power supply to specific areas but has also raised concerns about the vulnerability of critical infrastructure.

The impact of this intentional damage has been substantial, with an estimated repair time of 15 days for the affected towers. In response to the situation, GESCOM Kudligi Sub-Division Assistant Executive Engineer Prakash Patenur emphasized the ongoing efforts to restore continuous electricity to the affected regions. He urged citizens to cooperate during this challenging period, assuring them that every possible measure is being taken to expedite the repair process.

Additionally, a power line from Hanagal in Molakalmuru taluk to Gudekote is undergoing repairs, and it is expected to take at least three days to complete the restoration work. The three towers that fell belonged to the 66/11 kv line, responsible for supplying electricity to Gudekote, Chikkajogihalli, and Hosahalli distribution centers. 

The immediate consequence of this sabotage is the interruption of power supply to the three affected distribution centers. Citizens in Gudekote, Chikkajogihalli, and Hosahalli are facing power outages, affecting daily life and essential services. The disruption is particularly concerning for areas relying on pump set lines, such as Gudekote, Hudem, and Hosahalli sub-centers, where alternative power supply routes are not readily available.

Despite the challenges posed by the deliberate act of sabotage, authorities are taking measures to ensure a continuous supply of electricity to certain regions. Banavikallu and Chikkajogihalli sub-stations are actively providing electricity to villages within their jurisdiction. However, the absence of alternative power supply routes to pump set lines remains a hurdle in areas under Gudekote, Hudem, and Hosahalli sub-centers.

The deliberate act of cutting stay wires leading to the collapse of electricity towers near Koodligi has not only caused widespread power outages but has also highlighted the vulnerability of critical infrastructure to sabotage. As repair work is underway, the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of securing and protecting essential utilities to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of communities. Authorities are working diligently to restore normalcy, and citizens’ cooperation is crucial in overcoming the challenges posed by this intentional act of disruption.

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