Interesting Facts About Gagan Mahal

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An ancient palace that belongs to the Vijayanagara Empire’s rulers. This Gagan Mahal is also called the Old Palace. It is situated in Anegundi, a small village near Hampi. This palace still attracts visitors with its ancient beauty. 

This palace still appears charming and the major attraction of this palace is the Hampi trail. Although it now looks like only a shadow to its original look. This Gagan Mahal is currently a  local administration building.

Some Facts About Gagan Mahal


This palace remains open for visitors from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. every day.

Entry Fee

Visitors don’t need to pay anything to visit this palace.


Photography is Allowed in the Old Palace.

Visit Duration

You can stay inside this Mahal for around 1 – 2 hours

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Hampi is From November – February. Basically in the winter season. 

Gagan Mahal History

Gagan Mahal
Source: Unlimphotos

It is believed that this palace was built in the 16th century. The Gagan Mahal came into existence because of the rulers of the Vijayanagara Empire. This old palace used to appear wonderful, this palace served as a dwelling place for the royal family members of the Vijayanagara Empire.

But because of the attack of the  Mughals in 1565 A.D. The beauty of this palace was also destroyed just like other ruined structures of Hampi. The Old Palace is now over 500 years old, and earlier at that time, this was one of the gorgeous places of Hampi that added beauty to the Vijayanagara Kingdom. Also, it is believed that this Gagan Palace was the Queen’s quarters.

Gagan Mahal Architecture 

The architecture of this palace at Anegudi is an Indo-Islamic style. It was so impressive and is a real piece that shows the excellent skills of workers of the ancient era. But unfortunately, wars spoiled the beauty to a great extent. But still, the intricate carvings at this Mahal display the skills of workers.

Most of the portions of the Old Palace are ruined but some portions are still successfully preserved and make it worth visiting Hampi. These safe portions served as a sample of the original beauty of this palace. It has protruding windows and amazing balconies. Gagan Mahal is surrounded by a fort and it has 4 towers.

Highlights of Gagan Palace

The Old Palace shows the exceptional skills of the workers of ancient time, who existed over 500 years earlier. The structure of this palace is in such a way that it remains cool even in the hot weather of the summer months. 

Although no ACs were in the earlier era, engineers successfully managed to design the palace in a way that it will remain cool without any artificial modes. Instead, naturally, it remains cool. This old palace had a pool even in ancient times with a proper drainage system.

Gagan Mahal Current Condition

Currently, this palace is in semi-ruined condition. Although this place serves as an office for local administration, some portions of the palace are completely ruined. The place is not properly maintained and this is noticeable in the condition of the palace. 

The paint of some areas of the walls has peeled and the structure seems to be damaged to a certain extent that it is difficult to get an idea that this palace used to be mesmerizingly beautiful at once.

But the other portion gives a glimpse of its original beauty. The palace might not be as beautiful as it used to be but still, it attracts visitors from far places and is quite popular among tourists.

How One Can reach Gagan Mahal

This ancient place is a historical charm and a must-visit spot in Hampi. Anegundi this small village is situated on the northern end of the Tungabhadra river. This village is at a distance of 3 km from the popular tourist spot Hampi. You can either reach this place by private vehicle or else you need to cross the river.

No public transport is available to travel from Hampi to Anegundi. Tourists can hire a rickshaw or any two-wheeler to reach this village. Another way is to cross the river by a coracle or boat.

Final Note

Old Palace or Gagan Mahal is a must-visit place in Hampi. If you love to see the ancient architectural structure then don’t miss visiting this place. It is easy to visit this place in Anegundi village by any private vehicle or through coracle by crossing the river, 

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