HR Gaviappa responds to the water dispute in Hospet

A few days ago, it was alleged that the tankers belonging to the ex-MLA Anand Singh were obstructed from filling water from a drinking water plant in Chitwadgi. Following a heated exchange of words between the current and former MLA, HR Gaviappa responded about the contention. 

He said, ‘I was very surprised at how the dispute ignited and was blown out of proportion. I was not aware of these tankers, and it is generally the Municipal Corporation that looks into these matters. I only come into the picture when there is a water crisis’. He also revealed that in the past six months, water was made available for 24,000 acres of standing crops, and the farmers largely benefited from the water release. Finally, the Municipal Council resolved the issue, and a resolution was passed allowing private water tankers to fetch municipal water.

Besides this, HR Gaviappa has many credits in his account. The people in Gondalipur, Kariganur, expressed gratitude when the MLA spent Rs. 2 lakh at his own expense and laid a water pipe from Jindal Pipeline. The water is now available around the clock for locals. The DMF funds were used to construct a collective toilet, a community hall, a concrete road, and a school.

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