Hospet’s municipal council allocates 81 crore in budget for 2024-25

The municipal council unveiled a budget of 81 crore for the fiscal year 2024-25 for Hospet Vijaynagar on Wednesday. Following deductions for various expenses, an estimated savings of 2.35 crore is anticipated.

The budget presentation was conducted by Standing Committee Chairman Santosh Kumar, in the presence of Chairperson A. Latha and Commissioner Eragudi Sivakumar.

Key allocations include 12.13 crore from the state government under the 15th financial plan, 4.36 crore from the State Finance Commission, and an approved action plan of ₹20.73 crore for wholesale water system improvement under the Chief Minister’s Amrita Urban Upliftment Phase-4 scheme.

Specific allocations from the state government encompass 11.63 crore for employee salary payments under SFC, 6.26 crore for street lighting, and ₹9.06 crore for electricity charges related to water plants.

The revenue projections indicate property tax (net, excluding credits) at 11 crore and 2.60 crore from account change. Estimated income includes business license fees of ₹80 lakh, rent from commercial shops at ₹90 lakh, water supply fees of ₹1.72 crore, sewerage fees of ₹2.80 crore, and solid waste management fees of ₹3.20 crore. A notable increase is observed compared to the previous fiscal year’s collection from business license fees, rent from shops, and water fees.

Addressing the civic workforce shortage for city cleaning, Commissioner Eragudi Sivakumar proposed the appointment of 110 additional workers, in addition to the existing 104 workers. This suggestion received unanimous approval from all members.

In terms of statistics, the budget includes a government grant of ₹43.64 crore, Nagarsabe Nidhi of 29.04 crore, and extraordinary revenue amounting to 29.07 crore payable by various departments.

Budget highlights encompass proposals under the KMERL scheme for 6500 homeless and landless individuals, initiating three street market construction projects, constructing civil servants’ houses in a 3-acre area of Jambunath village for all 104 permanent civil servants, and distributing Form-3 in the ‘Eka Gavakshi’ model for private management of crucial city parks under the revenue department scheme.

Future actions detailed in the budget include the submission of a proposal for 150 crores, installation of CCTV cameras at 50 locations to deter littering, and the establishment of a ‘Green Squad’ model investigation team on major roads.

Eragudi Sivakumar, who served as Municipal Commissioner for just two months, has been replaced by another individual. Despite members insisting on his continuation, Sivakumar expressed gratitude for the staff’s cooperation during his tenure, and the members bid him farewell with a heavy heart.

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