Hospet faces rise in vehicle theft day after day

Hospet has experienced a notable increase in the number of vehicle thefts, causing concern among residents and local authorities. The surge in such incidents has raised alarms about the security of personal property in the community. In a recent event, a motorcycle was stolen from Hampi Road, right opposite the Bank of Maharashtra. The incident, captured on CCTV footage, reveals a seemingly nonchalant individual, displaying remarkable composure and attentiveness throughout the act.

The theft occurred in broad daylight, raising concerns about the security in the area. The suspect appeared to be closely observing the surroundings before approaching the targeted motorcycle.

Local authorities are currently analyzing the CCTV footage to gather more information about the suspect and his modus operandi. The incident serves as a reminder for residents to take extra precautions regarding the security of their vehicles and to promptly report any unusual behavior to law enforcement.

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