Hospet cop saves man who tried to get off a moving train

Constable Santosh Rathod

Constable Santosh Rathod saved a young man’s life who tried to get off a moving train at Hospet Railway Station. A huge appreciation is being shown for police constable Santosh Rathod.

A young man from Gadag used the train’s restroom when he was asked to pay Rs 5 for using the railway station toilet. Questioning why he had to pay the money, he went to the toilet in the Belagavi-Secunderabad train which had also arrived at the same time.

The train started while he was in the restroom. The young man panicked and tried to jump off the moving train. Santosh Rathod, a police officer stationed nearby, was present at the spot at the moment. His companion, Gururaj, a railway policeman helped to save the young man’s life. The CCTV footage of the incident is being circulated on social media.

This event occurred on March 23 at 7:32 p.m., according to a statement posted on the Government Railways, Police Karnataka Twitter account. Narasimha, a 30-year-old Vijayawada native, was saved by Assistant Sub-Inspector Gururaj and Head Constable Santosh of the Railway Police from falling out of train No. 07335 Belgaum-Secunderabad Express at the Hospet railway station.

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