Hospet- 25000 Volt AC Traction to be live soon

Public notice

Notice to the public that the Electrification work of the railway lines will be complete by 15th of June 2020. The 25,000 Volt 50 Hz AC Overhead Traction wires will be energized on or after the date specified. From the same date, the overhead traction line shall be treated as ‘LIVE’ at all times and no unauthorized person shall approach or work in the proximity of the said overhead line.

Warning to road users

Introduction of 25000 Volt AC Traction -Hospet

It is notified for information of the public the rail lines will be ‘LIVE’ from 15th of June 2020 with the introduction of 25000 Volt AC Electric Traction. Clear height is of 4.67 meters above road level with a view to preventing loads of excessive height from coming into contact or dangerous proximity to ‘LIVE’ traction wires.

The public is hereby, notified to observe the height specified (4.67 meters) in a view to avoiding collision with the electric lines in case of large vehicles and see that the load carried do not infringe the height gauges under any circumstances.

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