Historic Vitthala Idol found in Pandharpur: Vijayanagara Ujjivana Trust urged for consecration in Hampi temple

The Vijayanagara Ujjivana Charitable Trust has announced a significant discovery concerning the ancient deity Vitthala in Pandharpur. Urging the PMO along with the CMO of Maharashtra and Karnataka to facilitate its consecration in Hampi, the trust highlights a compelling narrative surrounding the deity’s journey.

According to the trust’s press release, there has long been a belief in Hampi that during the tumultuous times of the Vijayanagara Empire’s decline, Maratha sardars safeguarded the murti of Vijaya Vitthala in Pandharpur. While previously lacking concrete evidence, the recent unearthing of a murti of Lord Panduranga Vitthala in a clandestine chamber within the Pandharpur temple lends credence to this legend.

Described as possessing unmistakable antiquity, the four-armed form of Vitthala bears a distinct Sri Vaishnava-style tilaka, aligning with the narrative of Vijaya Vitthala’s relocation during Vijayanagara’s downfall.

Expressing gratitude towards the Maratha sardars for their role in preserving the Vitthala of Purandaradasa, the trust draws parallels with the recent reconsecration of Ramlalla at the Ayodhya Janmabhoomi Mandir.

In its plea to the Union Government and the state governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka, the trust advocates for the repatriation of the murti to Hampi for reconsecration, emphasizing the significance of active worship over the mere preservation of temple structures.

In a poignant call to action, the trust urges the global Hindu community to witness the symbolic “homecoming” of the Vitthala of Vijayanagara, heralding what it envisions as a profound resurgence of Dharmic values through the restoration of worship at the temple in Hampi.

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