Historic sites in Hampi to undergo restoration after monument collapse

M.S. Divakar, the Deputy Commissioner of Vijayanagara District, has directed officials from the state archaeology department and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to evaluate and plan the restoration of Hampi’s historic monuments.

This comes after a portion of the ‘Salu Mantapa’ at the Car Street of the renowned Sri Virupaksha Temple collapsed due to heavy rains last Tuesday.

Currently, the state archaeology department oversees about 38 monuments in Hampi, while the ASI manages 57. “I have visited the site, discussed with officials, and instructed the archaeology department to identify the damages and submit a proposal to the appropriate authorities,” Divakar told the Deccan Chronicle. Restoration work on the Salu Mantapa is already underway, with the ASI having restored 500 meters of the structure.

Meanwhile, Vishwanatha Malagi, president of the Vijayanagara Smaraka Samskruthi Samrakshana Sene, urged the government to use funds from Hampi’s entry tickets for local restoration projects. “Restoration is needed for several buildings, including the Salu Mantapa near Sri Virupaksha Temple, Sri Krishna Temple, and Veera Harihara Palace. We have submitted a memorandum, but officials cite funding constraints,” Malagi said.

“Hampi attracts about 1 lakh visitors per day during peak tourist season, with annual ticket revenue between Rs 40-50 crore. Using this revenue locally would avoid the need for additional government grants and facilitate restoration works,” he added.

Hampi, located on the Tungabhadra River, was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, established by Harihara and Bukka in 1336. The city fell to Deccan Sultanate forces in 1565 and was abandoned after extensive pillaging. Despite the passage of time and human actions, Hampi’s ruins still reflect its historical grandeur. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it draws numerous tourists eager to witness its ancient splendor.

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