Hampi’s Dilapidated Krishna Temple’s Reconstruction Has Not Yet Begun

The very famous Krishna Temple, which one can encounter on their way to Virupaksha Temple, has been in ruins and is dilapidated for 2 decades now. The reconstruction process was initiated by the ASI department in the year 2000 and many iron rods were placed in order to protect the remains from tumbling. But the actual process has not yet begun.

One of the most visited sites in Hampi, which attracts tourists, but due to the iron rods placed around the structure, the tourists are forced to flee away thinking the reconstruction of the monument is taking place. This was reported to the ASI department by a set of local guides with anxiety of losing tourists, but no action was taken by the ASI officials.

“A Dravidian style temple, whose reconstruction process has been halted for 20 years now, A temple which is closer to other attractive monuments like Ugra Narasimha, Sasivekalu Ganesha and many more will definitely attract the tourists to this temple, But due to the iron rods kept in support of the structure, it scares away the tourists. Only when the guides are present at the spot, the tourists enter the place” says a senior guide, Gopal, from Hampi

History Of The Temple

The Krishna Temple is also among the Group of Monuments which is currently listed as a part of the World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. This temple was built by the ruler Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara period in the year 1513 A.D. He erected this temple in honor of winning the battle and subsequent annexure of Utkala or the eastern reign of Udayagiri. This place is currently known as Orissa.

The Krishna Temple is known for its exquisite carvings and elegant architectural designs. The King Krishnadevaraya was a lover of art and architecture and the temples and monuments constructed during his reign are famous for their architectural designs.

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