Hampi to resume ‘Ambaari ride’ from Sept 4; Two buses have been allotted to Hampi

With the sharp drop in COVID-19 cases and the reopening of many popular tourist sites in and around Hampi and also in neighbouring districts, the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) is considering resuming its Ambari open-roof bus tours in Hampi and Mysuru from September 4. Built-in Bengaluru, the bus has lower and upper decks with 40 seats.

The open-roof bus tour in a custom-built double-decker bus from Saturday. This is the newest attraction for tourists in Hampi and Mysuru, as the bus takes them around to experience the historical city, that is known for palaces and buildings with architectural marvels.

The double-decker buses were the newest attraction for tourists as the bus tour assisted them to experience the city which is known for its splendid palaces and buildings with architectural marvels. Mysuru has four buses while two buses have been allotted to Hampi, which is a world heritage site.

With the COVID-19 cases under control and reopening of tourist sites in and around Mysuru and Hampi, the KSTDC is restoring the services from September 4. The tour was available between 9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. The KSTDC is hoping to attract visitors this time as a lot of effort have been put in for the initiative.

Ambari is a hop-on, hop-off initiative for tourists to experience the palaces and heritage buildings of Mysuru and Hampi. Tourists get an audio guide the moment the bus reaches the tourist sites identified on the route. The audio will be available in two languages — Kannada and English.

Inspired by London’s Big Bus Tours, the KSTDC came up with the idea of Ambari and the buses were flagged off by the then Tourism Minister C.P. Yogeshwar in the presence of stakeholders of the tourism industry. The body wrapping of Ambari had been done based on the State’s art forms, culture and diversity, wildlife, and tourist destinations, according to the KSTDC.

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