Ballari IT worker duped of Rs 4.33 lakh in work-from-home scam

The surge in cybercrime incidents continues to be a growing concern across the state. In a recent case from Ballari, a young man named Ravi fell victim to a work-from-home scam, losing lakhs of rupees. The fraudulent scheme, operating under the guise of a hotel business opportunity, promised Ravi daily profits of Rs. 6,000. The scammers, using platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, manipulated Ravi into transferring 4.33 lakh rupees by posing as individuals named Siya and Amish.

The method of operation involved luring victims with enticing work-from-home offers, only to deceive them into transferring significant amounts of money. Ravi, realizing he had been duped, reported the incident to the Ballari Cyber Crime Station. Investigations revealed that cybercriminals have extorted over Rs. 3 crore from individuals in Ballari district over the past year.

This incident mirrors a similar case in Raichur’s Maski town, where a government school teacher lost Rs. 2.77 crore after falling for a part-time job scam. Cybercrime is on the rise, with even Bengaluru Cyber Police apprehending a gang that defrauded people of over Rs. 158.94 crore by promising work-from-home opportunities through Instagram links. The need for increased awareness and vigilance against such cyber threats is evident as individuals continue to be targeted by sophisticated scams.

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